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Some other stuff

Neural network with errorback propagation learning pong:


Birds call recognition [PL]

Artificial neural network or Kohonen self-organizing map. Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) or time domain signal coefficients (TDSC).

Car simulation high school project [PL]

Car simulation. Implemented: car physics, terrain, skybox, engine sound:

Sam [PL]

Speaker gender recognition

Pitch detection by Boersma's normalized autocorrelation.

P. Boersma, Accurate short-term analysis of the fundamental frequency and the harmonics-to-noise ratio of a sampled sound

Download Plec.jar (using: echo speach.wav | java -jar Plec.jar, output: M[ale] or F[emale])

Fly over asteroid

Fly simulator. Only CPU rendering. Models created in Blender.
Left mouse - fly, move mouse left/right while pressing right mouse button - steering.


Face detection [PL]

Face detection by two neural networks. Learned with hundred front faces with checks and relearns.

H. A. Rowley, Neural Network-Based Face Detection

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