EXTAN - Extraction and Analysis

Bartosz Paprzycki

pryka2 [at] gmail.com

EXTAN - extraction and analysis, biomedicine, image processing project

Extraction of vessels in MRI and CT images. Segmentation, volume rendering, measurements. Part of my MA thesis.


Masters in polish

Papers and links:

[1] L. Gu, Organs Extraction Using Three-dimensional Mathematical Morphology
[2] B. Bouraouia Gray-level Hit-or-miss Transform Based Region Growing for Automatic Segmentaion of 3D Coronary Arteries
[3] C. Kirbas, A Review of Vessel Extraction Techniques and Algorithms
[4] Y. Masutani Vascular Shape Segmentation and Structure Extraction Using a Shape-Based Region-Growing Model
[5] G. W. Zack, Automatic Measurement of Sister Chromatid Exchange Frequency
[6] B. Irving, 3D Segmentation of the Airway Tree Using a Morphology Based Method
[7] S. Eiho, Branch-based Region Growing Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation
[8] S. Wesarg, Segmentation of Vessels: the Corkscrew Algorithm
[9] Paul Bourke - Polygonising a scalar field
[10] BrainWeb: Simulated Brain Database



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